Update from Emily

I am so excited for the upcoming days!  My schedule has been hectic as ever with starting a new job as an assistant designer, finishing up custom pieces for Liis Custom Jewelry, and of course, finishing up the debut collection of upcycled guitar string wallets for Lēlē Stern!  So, stress levels are a bit high for me, I’ll admit, but luckily, in the midst of all the chaos, I’ve had “30 Mindful Days” to keep me in check.

I have been drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables than usual, which has felt really great.  With this beautiful weather, I was even able to eat lunch outside a few times in these past couple of weeks.  Last but not least, I am also particularly looking forward to my next yoga class this coming week.  *Singing!*

For Lēlē Stern, I have many surprises and updates coming up in the next days, so be sure to keep your eyes out.  Just wanted to check in and say a quick, personal hello.


I hope you are enjoying your week!


All the best,


Owner and Designer at Lēlē Stern

Zero waste skirt made from bamboo jersey

Zero waste skirt made from bamboo jersey