Upcycled Guitar Strings

cut guitar strings.jpg

Professional musicians will regularly re-string a guitar to receive an optimal sound.

In an effort to keep these beautiful, vibrational works out of landfills and to prolong their lives, guitar strings are cut, cleaned, and woven into brand new items.


Organic, Colorgrown Cotton

Did you know that cotton has historically grown in a range of colors?  From its vibrant hues of browns and tans, greens and grays, cotton has been bred, over the years, to grow the plain white color that we know today, practically obliterating the growth of these other colorful varieties.  However, there are a select few places that still grow this naturally colorful cotton today.

The cotton used at Lēlē Stern comes from Peru and is GOTS certified organic, as well as Fair Trade certified, meaning living wages for the artisans who grow and spin the cotton for our use.


Recycled Fabric Scraps

In order to help keep the overflow of unwanted clothing out of the backyards of our neighbors in developing nations, fabric scraps are woven into new fabrics and given new life.


Vegan Cork Leather

Cork fabric is used in details of each piece, as it is durable and dense enough to cover the ends of guitar strings.  A kinder version of leather and a more eco-friendly version of many faux-leathers, cork is harvested from trees in a process that does not kill or harm the trees in any way.